Saving Hobart's charm

With increasing public concern being heard on the urgent need to save Tasmania's extensive built heritage, the Holy Trinity Support Group is getting constant reminders of the church's essential part in this.

The variety of material turning up underlines how often Holy Trinity has been photographed, painted and written about - a strong reflection of how much the church is valued by the public (and not just those who were parishioners).

One example was a reminder from an interested citizen that the church appeared in Beatties Studios' Pictorial Portrayal of Tasmania's Past 1982, with a view encompassing Holy Trinity taken from Queens Domain about 1925.

And there's a big range of photos of the historic edifice through the years in the now released Holy Trinity Conservation Management Plan by Peter Freeman Conservation Architects and Planners. The plan was produced for the Hobart City Council and endorses the need for the church's restoration and preservation because of its major importance to Tasmania's history.

The council has fully backed the plans findings.

Another publication given to the support group not only has a beautiful drawing of the church but also captures the essence of Hobart's overall built heritage appeal.

The Charm of Hobart, written by Clive Turnbull with illustrations by Kenneth Jack, was a small booklet published in 1949. This is the author's delightful opening description of that charm (which many citizens today feel the city is at risk of losing in the face of modern development):

"When you have a great harbour and a mountain you have the place for a city of surpassing beauty; and when, in addition, you have the splendid fortune to found your city in the Georgian era all riches are added.

"Hobart has such richness, has it still in spite of the efforts of forward-looking institutions to replace it by the latest American models. For what has to be searched for nowadays in Sydney is still plain to see in Hobart."

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